Art Galleries in Venice

A few suggestions for those art lovers who may want to see what Venice can offer in terms of modern and contemporary painting and sculpture. The venetian art galleries we have included are the leading names in the city, but they are far from being the only ones.

Venice has always been considered one of the most important cradels of art and culture in Italy, and the city offers countless possibilities (civic museums, galleries and private collections) that visitors can make the most of by following their own taste and maybe asking our concierge for a few insider tips. Instead of usual predictable itinerary, what we are suggesting are just the highlights of a leisurely walk among the many art galleries in the Accademia (Dorsoduro) area and around St. Mark's Square.



  • Bac Art Studio - Dorsoduro 862, Venice Ph.: +39.041.5228171
    Originally called "bottega d' arte Cadore", Bac Art Studio was founded by Paolo Baruffaldi and Claudio Bazzichetto. At Bac Art Studio a group of artists from different techincal backgrounds permanently work at the preparation of group exhibitions or "Atelier d' Artiste" sol Exhibitions.
    Artists: Lalla Malavezzi, David dalla Venezia, Ettore Greco, Ferruccio Bortoluzzi, Gianni Sabbioni, Pino Cimenti, Riva, Antonio Giancaterino, etc.
  • Galleria L' Occhio - Calle del Bastion Dorsoduro 181, Venice Ph.: 041.5226550



  • Contini Art Gallery - Santo Stefano San Marco 2765, Venice Ph.: 041.5204942
    Stefano Contini, born in Pistoia in 1950, but Venetian by adoption, after completing his studies in 1969 began to devote his time to the world of art, specializing in art publications and later as a gallery owner. Today, the Contini Art Galleries are in three locations: Venice, Mestre and Cortina d' Ampezzo- and are highly regarded in Italy as well as internationally as an important point of reference for collectors.
    Artists: Fabio Aguzzi, Joseph Navarro Vives, Sandro Chia, Fernando Botero, Igor Mitoraj, Anton Zoran Music, Ida Barbarigo, Giuseppe Cesetti, Carlo Guarienti, etc.
  • Galleria Tornabuoni - Campo San Maurizio 2663 San Marco, Venice ph.: +39.041.5231201
    The Tornabuoni Art Gallery was established in Florence in 1981. Each of the Tornabuoni galleries active Today (Florence, Forte dei Marmi, Venice, Portofino, Milano) offers yearly anthological solo exhibitions featuring major Italian or international artists.
  • Galleria Bugno - San Marco 1996/A Venice ph.: +39.041.5231305
    Permanent Artists: Arman, Bruno Saetti, Alighiero Boetti, Virgilio Guidi, Giuseppe Santomaso, Alberto Burri, Lalla Malavezzi, Livio Seguso, Salvo, Andrei Davis Carrara, Armando Pizzinato, Emilio Vedova, etc.
  • Flora Bigai Art Gallery Frezzeria, San Marco 1652, Venezia ph.: +39.041.5212208
    Established in 1988, the gallery is run by Flora Bigai. It exhibits Italian and international artists with particular focus on Pop Art exponents like Tom Wesselmann, Robert Indiana and James Rosenquist.
    Permanent artists: Cingolani, Clemente, Indiana, De Maria, Haring, Hirsh, Marianello, Paladino, Stella, Pignatelli, Rosenquist, Warhol, Wesselmann, etc.
  • Art Gallery Il Capricorno San Marco 1994, Venice ph.: +39.041.5206920
  • Art Gallery Ravagnan - San Marco 50/A Venice ph.: +39.041.5203021
    the Ravagnan Art Gallery, one of teh oldest and most prestigious contemporary art Galleries in Venice, was founded in 1967. the owner, Luciano Ravagnan, today managing the gallery with his daughther and son, was among the first gallery owners to be influenced by the new emerging currents and to support a number of gifted young artists who have later become famous in Italy as well as all over the world. Artists: Ludovico de Luigi, Beppe Giuliani, Aron Demetz, Guido Anton Muss, Andrea Vizzini, Primo Formenti, piero Principi, Giorgio Zennaro, Etc.