Christmas in Venice - Venice events December 2007

Intimate, charming, but above all unique. This season, more than in other periods of the year, the city welcomes its visitors in the best of ways – that of a human-friendly city, which has none of the problems that traffic causes and that plague all the urban centre  these days, especially during Christmas.


Indeed, Venice has conserved intact its old and timeless beauty. Lagoon mist, reflections of light and shadow over the water and echoing sounds double its lure, more than in any other time of year, and endow it with an almost magic aura. But beyond its beauty and extraordinary artistic and monumental heritage, Venice also offers now a calendar of events that perfectly fits its special character, including Winter in Venice, the by-now traditional series (actually in its fifth year) presented by the the local A.P.T.. this is a series of programs meant to bell the story of the city, its variety of interesting places, its history, art and customs.


 Here is a lineup of concerts in churches and “palazzi” with repertoires of classical, religious, and popular music; meetings for tasting local specialties; exhibitions; street markets; and Christmas shows. Noteworthy the annual Christmas around the Lagoon, a charming street market on Campo Santo Stefano; Christmas Concert at St. Mark’s Basilica; the series of “Concerts around the lagoon”; “Music form the Time of the Doges” and “Magic Listening”. Another program in that series is “Christmas of Glass”.


On the Murano island, the center of the Venetian glassmaking industry for  centuries, you can stroll during Christmas season among splendid glass sculptures or witness the magic of glassmaking; visit exhibitions, taste culinary specialties, see such places of interest as the Basilica of San Donato and the Glass museum, displaying the finest collection of glass objects in the world (free admission during weekends).