Hotel pictures

Common areas and details

View of Ca' Pisani's common area
Sofa and Fireplace
Fire Place detail
Key rack detail
Front Desk Ca' Pisani
Desk Hotel Ca' Pisani Venice
Our relaxing Steam Bath
In House Steam Bath
view of first floor
first floor Design Hotel Venice
Corridor Ca' Pisani Hotel
Stairs to terrace
Venice Hotel detail
Murano glass lamps
Entrance venice Hotel
Door detail
Mezzanine stairs
Sofa Area Hotel Ca' Pisani
Terrace view Design Hotel
Stairs to the terrace
Facade hotel Ca' Pisani
corridor Design Hotel Venice
view of the mezzanine
Door view Ca' Pisani Venice Hotel
Door detail Venice Hotel
CP as per Ca' Pisani Hotel Venice
Steam Bath Venice
Buffet Breakfast
co owner
4th generation courtesy of Design Hotels
lamp detail
Sun Terrace of Ca' Pisani
Venetian Terrace of Ca' Pisani
Art Deco's sofas
Details of tea service
Original furniture
Details of art Deco furniture
View of Ca' Pisani's rooms door
fruit salad at breakfast
Hotel Ca' Pisani's Breakfast cake
view on breakfast
breakfast preparations
Front Desk Ca' Pisani