Discounts on rack rates

To help you get more clearly our offers, we have summarised here below the most important:

You will get discounts and offers starting from a minimum stay of 2 nights, we have normally (upon availability) the following offers:


  • 8% discount with no particular restrictions, just the above mentioned minimum stay 
  • 10% discount with our package "The perfect escape in Venice" available in winter periods starting from November 
  • 15% discount, this is a not refundable rate and the above mentioned minimum stay requirement


But all the good news are not finished, with the Newsletter promotion you can add an extra discount of 5%, so that means that you can get a 13% reduction with no particular restrictions, and a 20% discount on a not refundable basis.


The newsletter promotion in an exclusive of our hotel, and will be available ONLY IN OUR WEBSITE.