How the Hotel Ca' Pisani was born

Ca’ Pisani, which was the first Design Hotel in Venice, offers a different and more emotionally interactive accommodation compared to traditional hotels – and I think this is largely due to the art-influenced environment we have created.


Thanks to my academic studies, I am extremely receptive to art in many of its aspects. I graduated from Venice University with degrees in Japanese Art and Archaeology, and then gained experience abroad, attending an Oriental Art course at Sotheby’s in London and then obtaining a Master of Arts in Oriental Art and Archaeology at the School for Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), also in London. After studying for many years, I was fortunate to return to Venice, to work with my family in the development of Hotel Ca’ Pisani, and serve as the point of reference for the property’s artistic direction and for the current art-related programs we undertake.


The hotel takes its inspiration from the Art Deco movement, and after long research we were able to gather drawings, sketches and a few paintings dating from the beginning of the 20th century to the 1950’s, which are hung in the public areas and in some rooms. These include 3 works by Futurist artist Fortunato Depero, one of them also giving the name to our Wine & Cheese bar, La Rivista. Many pieces of furniture (like the bed you slept in during your stay) come straight from the Forties and Fifties, with each one different from the other (most were bought at ‘Il Mercante in Fiera’ fair in Parma).


More recently we began to cooperate with very interesting Venetian art galleries, exhibiting some of their pieces - for example, the glass lamp by Mariagrazia Rosin and the works by Dieter Deventer, at the entrance. We have also opened the hotel to living artists, periodically organizing small exhibitions on our ‘piano nobile,’ which encompass a range of artistic expression: paintings, photographs, and sculpture, as well as books. The work can be by young, promising students of the Academy of Fine Arts (located near the Accademia Bridge, a 2-minute walk from us), or better-known artists. Several exhibits have been by former hotel guests – who realized there were quite a few art pieces around – and asked to present their pieces on our first floor. 


At the moment we are exhibiting works by Stefano Boato, a Venetian painter who reworks the style of the Pop Art. His pieces will be on display until the beginning of August, then we will have a short summer break, and be back on September 1st with photographs taken by Fabio Zoratti during a recent trip in India (in cooperation with ‘Le5Venice’ art gallery). Each of the artists exhibiting his/her work at Design Hotel Ca’ Pisani, donates one of them to the hotel, with the idea that we will become a permanent museum where, in addition to the Art Deco pieces, future guests can also find contemporary art pieces.


Cordially Marianna Serandrei