iShares Cup - Venice event

Thisis a new, most prestigious, event to take place in Venice. it is the first leg of one of the most spectacular sailing races in Europe, the iShares Cup, from Extreme 40 type of hyper-technological 40-foot (13 meters) long catamarans that can glide with a single hull at a mere 8-knot wind. These true and proper tightrope artists of the sea, navigated by 5 man crews recruited from the best teams of the America's Cup, are certain to run an exciting race skimming over the water right in the heart of the city, at St. Mark's Basin.


Set up along its banks, and especially at Sette Martiri, will be the iShare Village, the hub ofthe whole show - which, we should note, has come to Venice also thanks to an important collaboration with the Venice sailing club, the Compagnia della Vela.


Another event to take place during this show (May 14 to 17) is the Marco Rizzotti Trophy, an important sailing race for Optimist type boats that is considered among the top races of its kind in the world.