News in Venice - January

The month of January is perhaps slower paced but still offers a packed program of interesting things to do. The month’s calendar, includes two most noteworthy events: Meyerbeer’s Opera, Il Crociato in Egitto, conducted by Emmanuel Villaume in a modern-times permiere, opens the new opera season at the Teatro La Fenice; and Picasso: La Joie de Vivre 1945-1948, the most important exhibition of the moment, is on view at Palazzo Grassi focusing on one of the most productive periods in the Spanish master’s career, the post-Second World War years, known also as his Antibes Period.


We conclude by noting an important initiative that since the month of December has allowed the city to offer an extra benefit to its visitors. Thanks to the Venetian Association of Hotelier (AVA), the city of Venice is the first in Italy to have a group of 42 hotels equipped with special emergency devieces and trained personnel to operate them (usally the hotel concierges): these life-saving devices are semi-automatic dfibrillators which in case of an heart attack can treat arrhythmia and help victims of such attacks regain their vital functions. Venice a city close to your heart? Now it is more than ever before.

The Hotel Saturnia, the other hotel property, is on of those hotel in Venice equipped with such a device.