St. Valentine's event 2014

Dear Guests,

I wish you and your  family the best for 2014 – peace, serenity and health!

Because St. Valentine’s is around the corner, I would like to introduce something which will intrigue our travellers to Venice then:


For the lovers of love, get ready for a romantic and poetic ‘San Valentino’ dinner on February 14th! On that evening,  during a specially prepared meal at La Rivista, the actress Silvia Nanni, will present a fairy tale titled ‘The Scarlet Wings,” set in the Thirties, a period when airplanes began to be more and more important in the lives of people (please have a look to the link to get more details and make a reservation:


I also would like to remind our Guests that if you visit our website ( you will find the lowest rates, besides special ones and a further discount which can be obtained by inserting ‘capi03’ into the ‘special code’ space in the booking page.


In the spirit of the season I want to share some thoughts on a timely subject – that is, shopping in Venice.  In addition to being one of the most complete and beautiful art cities in the world, Venice offers a rich and diversified shop network, where the traditional and the modern sit side-by-side.


In the area around San Marco you will find the main international boutiques, but throughout Venice you will also find smaller shops where people working in them give free play to their imagination and where innovative designers can be found.  Artisans have passed on their craft generation after generation –  often with the younger generation using old skills to create their own original style. This is creating extraordinary products that you will not see elsewhere, including jewelery, hats, leather accessories, and more. If you are interested in some of my favourite places, please ask at the front desk for ‘Marianna’s list’: I hope you will enjoy it and would appreciate you telling me of your favourite places, too!


I hope to see you soon back at ‘Ca’ Pisani’!  And once again, all the best for a wonderful 2014 to all!

Marianna Serandrei