Suggestion for your summer stay in Venice

Summer has arrived at last, and Venice at the moment is full of warmth, light and sunny days – we are hoping they will last forever!  In my previous newsletter I wrote that there are many interesting activities in town right now for art lovers, including the Biennale d’Arte, which continues until the end of November, and much more.  Right now, I would like to share with you some activities you can enjoy that are sports related – about which visitors do not normally know:

On Giudecca Island, a quick vaporetto trip to Sacca Fisola from the Zattere (at the end of Ca Pisani’s street) is a very nice public swimming pool that I use almost daily.  Giudecca, itself, is worth a visit as it is much less touristic than Venice proper.  It is a lap pool with marked lanes, with free swim hours, and also the possibility to swim with some tri-athletes or master swimmers.  If you are interested in this, please email me and I will help to organize the swimming for you. 


To run in town, especially in the early morning (or in the evening) is really fascinating as you can see Venice “wake-up” and there are many people who decide to start their day in this manner.  For those who love nature, you can catch a boat and get to Lido island (only 20 minutes by vaporetto) where you will be able to run on the beach or along the lagoon (towards Malamocco and Alberoni). Outside Venice, in San Giuliano, there is also the chance to use a 400 meter running track, or in the park around it.


Additionally bike lovers will be able to rent a bike on Lido island, with the possibility to cycle a few hundred meters to eat a wonderful ‘gianduiotto’ at ‘Tita’s gelateria on Gran Viale, or reach Chioggia passing through all Lido island and then Pellestrina island, too (approximately 40 kilometres). Cycle trips of different lengths are possible depending upon your interests, available time (and stamina!). On Lido there is a group of tri-athletes who train and I am sure some of them will be happy to give some good suggestions as well.

Near the hotel we also have a gym, free for our guests, and we also have a small and cosy steam bath on the third floor for those of you who just want to relax (with the possibility to book a relaxing massage or reiki session).


I think it is also worth informing you that Restaurant La Caravella, located at our sister hotel near Saint Mark’s Square (Saturnia & International) and started by grandfather Renzo Serandrei, has just celebrated its 50th anniversary. To share this very important goal, we have decided to offer until the end of May 2014 two special choices to our guests. One is the ‘King Course,’ in which the chef Silvano Urban proposes 10 different kinds of sea products, from our lagoon, according to the market availability. The other is the Tasting Menu, which includes the 4 specialties that have made the history of La Caravella, reinterpreted in a modern way by Silvano (if you are interested in trying one of these menus please contact us so we make arrangements for you and please note that of course the regular a la carte menu is also always available).

I, along with the staff, will be very happy to help to plan any activity you wish to try in my beloved hometown, and wish you a nice and happy summer to all of you!

Marianna Serandrei