Torcello, Venice's origines between West and East

Diocesan Museum - San Marco Venice

Torcello: Venice's Origins Open through 10 January 2010

The show looks at the origins of Venice and its eternal ties with the Orient and Europe, narrating with the use of 100 masterpieces the evolution of art which originated in Byzantium and found in the Venice Lagoon an ideal environment to set root and grow, establishing new forms and signs destinated to become extremely popular. The exhbition - on view at the Diocesan museum and the nearby recently reclaimed and restored beautiful exhibition spaces at the old Church of San Filippo e Giacomo - opens with the early years of Torcello as Lagoon capital, marking the first sculptures around the lagoon.

It continues with the extraordinary display of mosaics; precious objects related to liturgy (illuminated codices, ceremonial reliquaries and crosses); numerous icons which arrived here mainly after 1204, year of the 4th Crusade, adorned with stones, enamel and precious metals, or made of noble materials such as ivory, micromosaics and gold-and silver-threaded silks.

Open daily 10am to 6pm last admission 5.15pm

The admission ticket includes the entrance to the Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta of Torcello