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Venice Frequently Asked Questions

Venice is a "one of a kind" city, therefore Hotels in Venice as well, here you will find some frequently asked questions that we consider useful for your stay at the Design Hotel Ca' Pisani.


Is Venice a safe city?

Venice is a very safe city, but in the most crowded areas, pickpocketing is possible, as it is in most tourist cities; just watch out!


How Can We See The Famous Murano Glass Blowing?

Just ask our concierge service at the front desk to arrange the excursion and visit for you.


How About Tipping? Is It Customary?

Tips are always welcome, but tipping is not compulsory; they are generally  a “thank you” token for a good service.


What Are The Main Festivals In Venice?

There are several. Carnevale, the Sensa or Ascension, the Redentore, the Historic Regatta, the Salute or Our Lady of Good Health, and many more, visit the dedicated section.


How Can I Book The “Secret Trails Of The Doge’s Palace” Tour?

Directly through our concierge service at the front desk.


Where Can I Take A Gondola?

That’s the easiest thing!, just few steps away of the Ca' Pisani Hotel, better if you apply to our concierge.


What Are The Rates For A Taxi Ride?

Taxis (water taxis) are quite expensive; the current (June 2006) rate  for transfer from Marco Polo Airport to the hotel’s direct access is 90,00 € for a 45 minute ride.


What Is The Price Of A Gondola Ride?

The current  (June 2006) rate for individual gondola rides is 110,00 € for 50 minutes; but you can also book a gondola serenade tour at a more reasonable price.