Zotti at the Correr Museum Venice

An important exhibition – tribute dedicated to the Trieste born (but of Veneto adoption) artist now arrives in Venice, its natural home port, following two important shows at Slovenian and Croatian museums.


The group of works, most of them unshown before, are mainly from the early thirty years of the artist’s career, highlighting the subjects that have characterized his work: portraits from the 1950s , figurative and chromatic geometires from the 1960s, and the ultimate maturation of the symbols of his poetry.


The retrospective concludes with the consequent 20 – year period with a selection of canvases that are among the artist’s most intimate and enigmatic. Show is accompanied by a display at the Former Salt Warehouse that is a tribute of Slovenian, Croatian and Italian students to the late master.


In collaboration with  the Venice Academy of Fine Arts.


From 10th January to 15th February 2009