Ca' Pisani Hotel Venice - 20th anniversary, November 30th 2020

20 years of Ca' Pisani

24 November 2020

On November 30th 2020 we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the opening of our hotel

We are pleased to share, with you, Ca’ Pisani’s important milestone: on November 30th we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of its opening, in a year that has been, is, and unfortunately will be, a quite difficult year for everyone. That is why we take advantage of this opportunity to bring a wave of optimism and positivity: happy 20th birthday Ca' Pisani!


The opening of Ca' Pisani


Our hotel was born from an idea of Ugo Serandrei, father of the current owners. Already at the helm of the Hotel Saturnia & International in Venice located in San Marco, managed by the Serandrei family since 1908, Ugo was also a lover of art and in particular of Futurism. The search for an original place for the exhibition of some of Depero's works led him to plan a new concept of hotel that differed from the Venetian hotel scene of the time. With the support and collaboration of architects, designers and collectors, the first design hotel in Venice was born.


The boutique hotel according to Ugo Serandrei


Ugo Serandrei had conceived the Ca' Pisani as a boutique hotel: where if a guest had appreciated a collectable piece seen in his/her room or in the common areas, it was possible to buy it. And this actually happened. Marianna still remembers a Russian client so in love with the briarwood bed in which she had slept, that she decided to get it and had it shipped to Russia. Later this concept weakened, partly due to the unique value of the pieces that furnish the Ca' Pisani and partly because of the emotional bond that Ugo's children now feel towards this little Art Deco jewel. To the point that last year they purchased a collection of 20th century objects from an antiquarian in Bologna: after being exhibited at the Ca' Pisani, the objects have become an integral part of the furniture of the rooms of the hotel.


20 years together


On November 30th 2000, the doors of Ca 'Pisani Hotel in Venice opened to the public for the first time. The aim was to offer guests a unique experience, both for the concept (ours has been the first design hotel in Venice) and for our customer service: we do our best to make every guest feel at home, and pamper him/her paying attention to even the smallest details because they really make a difference. Today these principles still guide our work.

We had hoped to celebrate our twentieth anniversary in a different way, but the events of this 2020 have changed everyone's life. However, we believe in optimism: #staysafe and happy birthday Ca' Pisani!

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