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The twentieth century in every room: the Marzadori Collection

18 March 2021

Everyday objects between Futurism and Art Deco embellish every room of the Ca' Pisani Hotel

“For us, art is inseparable from life ". These are the words of Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, founder of the Futurist movement, which greet visitors to our website and this is the experience we want our guests to live when they choose to stay with us.

The "life" at our hotel is steeped in art, taking our guests on an aesthetic journey through works of the twentieth century, which are located not only in the common areas, but also in the individual rooms.

The rooms, although each one is different from the other, are artistic treasures that contain artifacts from the twentieth century: some originals expertly collected, and others faithful contemporary reproductions.

At the end of 2019 they were further supplemented by the exhibition of common objects of the twentieth century from the Marzadori Collection, which were presented to the public in the exhibition "Ca' Pisani: il ‘900 ritrovato”, hosted in our hotel from March 27th to August 27th 2019.


The Marzadori Collection on display at Ca' Pisani


The works of the exhibition organized at Ca' Pisani are the fruit of thirty years of careful selection by the collector Maurizio Marzadori - founder of Freak Andò. This well-known Bolognese antique dealer, a lover of the twentieth century, has always collected common objects, toys, children's furniture, furnishing accessories, many of which were partly exhibited at the MOMA in New York (2012 in the exhibition “Century of the Child ”), at the Milan Triennale (2017/2018 at the“ Giro giro tondo ”exhibition), at the Archaeological Museum of Bologna (2003), at the Salaborsa Library in Bologna (2014) and in other prestigious museums and exhibitions.

The exhibition "Ca' Pisani: il ‘900 ritrovato" retraced some of the main currents of the twentieth century, including Futurism, Déco, Rationalism and Aerodynamics up to the early 1950s. Among the artists on display were Ponti, Gariboldi, Diulgheroff, Mazzotti, Simonetto, Pacetti, Hagenauer, Bevilacqua, Baldelli, Lenci, Tavolara, Cambellotti, Bonazzi, "Cirillo" and many others, as well as authentic anonymous masterpieces.

The exhibition itinerary began on the ground floor, in the reception and in the small sitting room, with suggestive twentieth-century rocking horses, then continued onto the first floor with common objects and finally on up to the second floor with Futurist toys and furnishings.

The exposition aroused great interest from the public and was visited by more than 1700 people. The section of common objects was purchased in full by the Serandrei family to allow them to be a permanent part of the hotel experience, 20th-century treasures that perfectly blend in the setting of the Deco Design Hotel.


The twentieth century in every room

In each of our 29 rooms you will find one of the twentieth century works acquired by the family. These are everyday objects: cups, trays, glasses, statuettes, objects and more. Each one has been placed in the silver Art Deco console in your room and is accompanied by a small caption of explanation. Some pieces are characterized by originality, others have particular colors and shapes.

You can come across, for example, a skier from the 30s in a coffee service from the 40s whose cups resemble boats made with leaves, or you will be delighted by the bright colors of some ceramic services in many varying shapes, or you can still admire an extraordinary 1940s watch.

Choose your experience and you will find out on your arrival which object you will find in your room. This shows the love for art and attention to every single detail that has guided the hospitality philosophy of the Serandrei family since 1908 and that in the Ca' Pisani Deco Design Hotel has found its ideal location.

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