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26 July 2023


Bridges in Venice


One of the elements recognised as a symbol of Venice is the 'bridge'. This lagoon city has as many as 435 of them, plus the temporary ones, called votive bridges, that are erected during the city's religious celebrations.

Bridges have been built since ancient times as a means of moving between one bank and the other of the Venetian canals. Initially, they looked like real boat bridges, with wooden planks in between to allow passage.

But the inhabitants of Venice came to turn a necessity into an opportunity to make their city an even greater focus of interest and beauty.

Among the main bridges in Venice, we find the Accademia Bridge, only 150m from our Hotel, from where you can admire one of the most beautiful views of the Grand Canal.


The Accademia Bridge


The Accademia Bridge is the second bridge built over the Grand Canal, after the city's most famous bridge, the Rialto Bridge.

It takes its name from the nearby church buildings that have since been deconsecrated, and now house the Gallerie dell'Accademia, one of Venice's main artistic centres.

The Accademia Bridge connects two of the city's most important Sestieri, St Mark's on one side and Dorsoduro on the other ( hosting the Ca' Pisani Deco Design Hotel).

It differs from the other bridges in Venice in that its provisional wooden construction, designed in 1933 by engineer Enrico Miozzi, remained the final version (to this day it is one of the largest arched wooden bridges in Europe). All other bridges in Venice are built of stone.


Recognised, therefore, as one of the city's main tourist attractions, whether you admire it by water or on foot, the Accademia Bridge remains a must-see where you can have your photo taken, to frame the best memories of your stay in Venice.

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