Altana, the rooftop terrace in Venice

23 June 2021

Altana, the Venetian terrace above the roofs

Today, get a look at Venice from another perspective. You, like us, will surely have been fascinated by its canals, calli and bridges, by the gondolas that make the Venetian capital a unique city in the world. But have you ever set your eyes towards the sky admiring the characteristic Venetian skyline and have you ever wondered what those strange wooden buildings built right above the tiles are?

These are the roof terraces, typical panoramic terraces in Venice, protagonists of the Venetian evenings during the summer, mostly decorated with curtains to protect from the sun and colored with flowers and plants.
The roof terraces, which are usually accessed through a dormer window, were built by the Venetians to get an outdoor space: a luxury that few can afford given the proximity between the buildings and the scarcity of gardens in our city.

Their origin is so ancient, that even Carlo Goldoni mentions them in the comedy "La putta onorata" (1748):

“Oh caro sto sol! Co lo godo! Sia benedetta st’altana!”
(oh my dear sun! How I enjoy it! Bless this rooftop terrace!)


Altane, an exclusive location


Used in the past to hang clothes or simply enjoy the summer evenings, the roof terraces have now become exclusive locations to spend unforgettable experiences. Here, in fact, many Venetians spend the evening hours during the hot summer days to enjoy the fresh air, organize lunches and dinners with friends, sunbathe or simply relax away from the noise of the city, admiring some of the most beautiful and unique views in the world.

Our hotel also has a roof terrace which is accessed via a characteristic spiral staircase.It is equipped with chairs and deck chairs: you can relax and, if you want, enjoy an aperitif, a glass of wine or a coffee, prepared by our bar.

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