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Lido di Venezia

15 August 2021

Lido di Venezia: the beach in a city of art

Summer is inevitably associated with sun, sea, beach ... If you think that this is not possible in a city of art, reality is different: in 20 minutes by vaporetto boat from the Zattere pier near our hotel) you can reach Lido di Venezia, an island with beautiful beaches, as well as home to the renowned Venice Film Festival, the longest-running film festival in the world which was first held in 1932.

About 12 kilometers long, Lido di Venezia is bathed by the lagoon on one side and by the Adriatic Sea on the other, and bordered by the lighthouses of San Nicolò (towards Punta Sabbioni) and of Alberoni (towards the island of Pellestrina).

In the north of the island there is also a small tourist airport, Nicelli, the oldest commercial airport in Italy, inaugurated in 1935 and among the ten most beautiful airports in the world according to a ranking drawn up by the BBC in 2014 by Jonathan Glancey.


Lido di Venezia: the beach of the Venetians


Lido is also the beach of the Venetians. When the warm season approaches, the residents of the island and the historic center organize themselves by renting the "capanne" (huts): large cabins with veranda and awning, very often shared by various families to amortize seasonal costs. This is how the fine golden sand dunes come alive during the hottest months of the year and become also a destination for commuters who take advantage of the various bathing establishments to rent umbrellas and deck chairs or to enjoy the free beach.

The center of the island is full of Art Nouveau buildings and green areas: a walk along the main street, called Gran Viale Santa Maria Elisabetta, which can be accessed from the vaporetto stop, is a must - a large tree-lined street that crosses perpendicularly the strip of land connecting the lagoon to the sea, and which is home to many shops, restaurants and bars.


Cycling in Venice with taste


Unlike the historic center, cars and bicycles can circulate through the Lido di Venezia. Indeed, an itinerary that we suggest you to try at least once in your life is to cycle to discover this Venetian island: rent a bicycle and head from Gran Viale Santa Maria Elisabetta to Alberoni, a flat itinerary of about 10 km. The more trained can then get on the ferry boat and continue to the contiguous island of Pellestrina.

Do not forget to enrich your excursion with tasty gastronomic stops: a mixed fried fish caught in the ancient village of Malamocco, a drink overlooking the lagoon at Alberoni or an aperitif at sunset at Murazzi, perhaps accompanied by some local “cicheti” (typical Venetian appetizer), or even one snack or sandwich filled with local ingredients at the characteristic red double-decker bus parked on the seafront during the summer season; and for those who visit Pellestrina a dish with the typical Mitilla mussels.

Your visit to Lido di Venezia can be colored in different shades: cinema, art, sport, taste and relaxation ... it is up to you!

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