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A journey into one of the sweetest traditional Venetian craft shops

Since Easter is approaching our desire for "fugassa", the traditional Venetian focaccia, is growing day by day. Also, because we love craft shops, today we are going to take you to discover of one of the oldest and best known Venetian pastry shops: Dal Nono Colussi.

It is only 7 minutes from Ca 'Pisani: you will have to head to Campo San Barnaba along the Rio de la Toletta, which in the months of March and April offers a small show, with a mimosa plant that emerges from a private garden showing itself in all its beauty. Continuing on Calle Lunga San Barnaba you will come across the window of Dal Nono Colussi's shop.


Fugassa, the traditional Venetian focaccia


The origin of the Venetian focaccia is confused in legend. There are those who say it was a baker from Treviso who invented it first, while others trace its birth back to the local popular tradition, connected to Christian holidays, where people allowed themselves the luxury of using sugar, an ingredient that was still very expensive at the time. For this reason, it is reserved for important occasions such as Easter. Another legend is that it was the "official" sweet for engagements, given to the family of the girl chosen as a bride with the ring hidden inside.

In all cases, however, the recipe for Venetian focaccia is a bread recipe with added butter, eggs, sugar and other spices (depending on who produces it) and a good dose of patience, since the procedure requires a long rising time.

Today it can be found in Venetian pastry shops and bakeries especially during the Christmas and Easter periods, but there are those like Dal Nono Colussi who offer it all year round.


Dal Nono Colussi, Venetian pastry shop since 1956


One of the many craft shops in the Dorsoduro District is Dal Nono Colussi pastry shop, famous above all for the production of delicious "fugasse venexiane", now available all year round.

Founded in 1956 by Franco Colussi, known by all as Nono (a term that in Venetian dialect means grandfather), the shop first offered only traditional Venetian recipes and sweets of the time, and subsequently expanded its assortment to satisfy the tastes of customers who, in any case seem to prefer traditional sweets. It is now managed by the granddaughter who has decided to continue the family business with commitment and passion.

The fugassa is the dessert that has received the most awards, a sweet, soft focaccia, without candied fruit, raisins or almonds,naturally leavened with sourdough starter, as tradition dictates, a tradition with which Nono Colussi has been producing these delights for more than 60 years.

For a journey into the typical Venetian sweets, we recommend a stop in this typical shop!

Focaccia Photo Credits: Dal Nono Colussi

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