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Venice Green Hotels

14 June 2023

Venice Green Hotels

Eco-sustainability in Venice is always a particular challenge due to the city's characteristics; put on the back burner following the measures taken during the Covid period, our focus on plastic-free policies resumed immediately after the emergency, remaining an important aim for us.

Our Hotel, to its own small way, returned to work with effective solutions against plastic waste and pollution, such as the use of glass containers for breakfast, refillable dispensers in the bathrooms, and water dispensers to fill your water bottle.


Plastic-free hotels in Venice: one of our challenges


With a city like ours aiming more and more at eco-friendly projects, the Ca' Pisani Deco Design Hotel has earned one of the top spots on Tripadvisor's sustainability ranking in Venice.

Would you like to know what policies we implement to be so attentive to this issue?

We introduce them to you now, below.


Breakfast: glass containers


To start the day in the best possible way, we always start with a rich and tasty breakfast, which is greatly appreciated by our guests here at Ca' Pisani. In fact, the variety of items on offer is wide, and to limit plastic waste, most of the food is offered in glass containers (such as jam and yoghurt).

This means that disposable plastic packaging is removed.


Courtesy line dispensers


Another environmentally friendly action is the courtesy line we present to our guests. We have said goodbye to the traditional disposable packaging of shampoo and soap. In exchange we offer convenient dispensers that are promptly refilled, and here we are again limiting the amount of waste produced.

Furthermore, for the laundry service we ask for your cooperation: only the towels placed on the floor will be changed. This also saves us a dose of energy and reduces the use of water, today considered the most precious resource.

Our staff also have refills for the various cleaning products, and we have made a selection of materials and limited the waste of several packages.


Water dispenser for a plastic-free hotel


On the third floor you will find a water dispenser (cold and room temperature), ideal for refilling your water bottle on the fly.

In any case, we would like to inform you that the water from our taps is drinkable, just like the water from the city fountains.

So if you are out and about and thirsty, you can consult the map to find the source nearest to you.

In this way you will help us, and our city, to become a more plastic free.

Surely there is more that can be thought of and realised in favour of the environment, at the moment this is a good start for us, but if you have valuable advice to give us, we are open to new proposals!

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