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The Redentore Festivity

29 June 2022

The Redentore Festivity

The Redentore Festivity is one of the Venetians’favorite events and takes place on the Saturday before the third Sunday of July.

The main appointments of the festival are the procession to the Church of the Redentore, facilitated by a bridge made of floating boats, and the extraordinary fireworks display over the water in the San Marco Basin that lights up the Venetian sky.


The origins of the Redentore Festivity

This local festival commemorates the end of a terrible plague that struck the city between 1575 and 1577, and as a sign of devotion the famous Redentore Church, designed by Andrea Palladio, was built on the island of Giudecca.

Every year Venetians make a pilgrimage to the Redentore church, walking across the Giudecca Canal on a bridge made of floating boats, which connects the Zattere to the Giudecca island.


The Redentore festivity for Venetians

As anticipated, Venetians are particularly fond of the Redentore Festivity: every year they spend the evening together while waiting for the fireworks display.
The lucky ones moor their boats adorned with lanterns or balloons directly in the San Marco Basin, while others settle along the banks, where tables are arranged from early morning (access to the San Marco basin by boat and to the banks on foot is limited and upon reservation only).

Among the typical dishes, they usually eat the sardines in saor, the bigoi in salsa and the unmissable bovoeti, small earthen snails that are boiled and seasoned with garlic, oil and parsley. Another must is watermelon, a sweet and refreshing fruit that cannot be missed on the laid tables of those who follow tradition.

Some of these specialties are also included in the menu of our La Rivista Restaurant and on Saturday for the Redentore dinner the Chef will add some off-menu proposals to celebrate the Venetian spirit.

The fireworks display usually starts at 11:30 pm and enchants the whole city with its play of lights and colors, making the Venetian “skyline” even more amazing.

The fireworks last for about thirty minutes and end with the classic 3 final barrels.

Do not miss this exciting experience: it will make you love our unique city even more!

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