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Traditions in Venice: a year-long journey

26 January 2021

The main festivals and events of the Venetian tradition

A new year has just begun and we sincerely hope that it will bring serenity and health to everyone. Even if the future is a huge question mark at the moment, we are sure we will not stop traveling; of course we can't do it physically yet, but for sure we can go on exciting tours thanks to our imagination and the testimonies of friends and acquaintances.

We therefore propose here an itinerary to discover the main festivities of the Venice lagoon, a year-long journey. Many are intertwined with the history of the Serenissima Republic, others are connected to some religious events: let's discover them together.

Traditional Venetian Events- not to be missed!


Carnevale di Venezia (Venice Carnival)


After Christmas holidays, the Venetians eagerly await the Carnevale. For two weeks the city comes alive with masks and events that take place in the various districts. The main events such as the Flight of the Angel and the Eagle and the Festa delle Marie are held in Saint Mark’s Square. (again, I would use Italian names, San Marco, here as you already use Feste delle Marie which is Italian.) Unfortunately, due to the reasons we all know, in 2021 the program has been revised to avoid gatherings; but pastry shops and bars are already offering the typical desserts of the period: frittelle and galani!


Festa di San Marco (Feast of Saint Mark)


On April 25th the city of Venice; in addition to celebrating Liberation Day, which occurs throughout Italy; also celebrates its patron saint, San Marco. (Saint Mark) On this day Venetians give their loved ones a rosebud, in Venetian called bocolo.


Festa della Sensa (Feast of the Ascension)


In May, the Festa della Sensa is celebrated – in Venetian it means the day of Christ’s Ascension, and the Festa is related to the history of the Serenissima..Also known as the Marriage with the Sea, it offers a spectacular water procession of traditional rowing boats from Saint Mark’s basin to the Lido of Venice island with the launch of a ring in the water.


Festa del Redentore (Redentore Festivity)


One of the favorite events of Venetians, is the Redentore Festivity which takes place on the Saturday before the third Sunday in July; commemorating the end of a terrible plague (1577) which culminated in the construction of the famous Palladian basilica on the island of Giudecca, as a votive offering. Today Venetians make a pilgrimage to the Redentore church walking across the Giudecca Canal on a bridge made of floating boats. On Saturday evening an exciting fireworks display occurs in Saint Mark’s Basin, which is viewed from boats, along the banks of the canal and also can be admired from the panoramic terraces or from the characteristic rooftop terraces of Venetian palaces.


Regata storica (Historical Regatta)


On the first Sunday of September, you can breathe the ancient atmosphere of the Venetian maritime republic and the lagoon rowing tradition. The Historical Regatta, the main appointment of the Venetian rowing competitions, offers a splendid water parade with typical boats and figures in costume, which is followed by various competitions along the Grand Canal. It is a unique show in the world.


Madonna della Salute


On November 21st, Venice celebrates the Feast of the Madonna della Salute which commemorates the votive offering of the entire city to the Madonna for the end of a terrible plague between 1630 and 1631. To facilitate the pilgrimage to the Basilica, a temporary floating bridge over boats is built on the Grand Canal and along the calli there are candle dealers selling offerings to the Madonna, as well as sweets of all kinds. According to the tradition on this day you should eat a typical dish: the castradina made with mutton and cabbage.

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