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From May 1st, no more mask at the hotel

04 May 2022

From May 1st, no more mask at the hotel

From May 1st the use of the mask in the hotel for guests is optional, a further loosening of the restrictions in addition to the elimination of the green pass from April 1st.

Furthermore, in bars and restaurants the mask and the green certificate are no more required, even if you eat or drink indoors.

In this way, you will be able to spend a freer, nonetheless safe stay in Venice: we will continue to carry out a deep cleaning and sanitization of rooms and common areas (also through the use of an atomizer).


Enjoy Venice


Until June 15th you must wear a ffp2 mask to move with public transport.

The mask is also still required if you participate to indoor events in theaters, cinemas, entertainment venues and it is still recommended in case of gatherings.

Due to the increase in visitors, to improve your experience in Venice, the Municipality is evaluating the possibility of setting up quota entrances with fees. These measures will NOT be applicable to hotel guests.
However, the regulations are still being defined, read our news to stay updated.

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