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High Tide in Venice - Ca' Pisani Hotel

Venice, especially in the winter months, is interested by the phenomenon called "high tide" with which the Venetian people have been dealing with for centuries. We will explain you better how it works and why it doesn't scare us.

High tide: what is it?

The astronomical tide and the weather conditions, in particular the Scirocco winds, are decisive for high tide, which as for all tides, rises for 6 hours and then decreases in the following 6 hours. In Venice, on high tide days, the level of the canals rises and the water invades the city.

It must be considered that the tide quota is measured with reference to the zero of the sea level, which means that if we assume a tide of 100 cm above sea level, the quantity of water present in the calli (Venetian streets) will be a few centimeters. Piazza San Marco, one of the lowest points in the city, is almost always flooded while the other squares, squares and streets are flooded only according to the tide peak reached. In fact, 97% of Venice is located about 100 cm above the average sea level. Once it reaches its maximum, the tide will begin to flow and the city will start again its normal activities.

Municipality of Venice, thanks to a sophisticated tidal forecasting system, carries out constant monitoring, promptly informing citizens with sound signals in case of high water. Furthermore, if the phenomenon persists continuously for 3-4 hours, Venice is still walkable thanks to raised pedestrian passerella, positioned at strategic points with the highest turnout.

High tide: when it is defined as exceptional

On November 12th , high tide reached an exceptional level due to adverse weather conditions, with gusts of wind reaching 100 km / h. The maximum peak touched 187 cm, the second highest high water in the last 50 years. It was an exceptional episode and some parts of the city were more involved than others.

Fortunately, thanks to the commitment and professionalism of our staff, we were able to limit the damage and remain operational anyway and at any time.

High tide at Ca’ Pisani Hotel

Ca ’Pisani Hotel is located in the Dorsoduro district, a stone's throw from the Accademia Bridge, an area located about 115 cm above sea level.

Our reception is involved in this event only when the peak reaches at least 150 cm, a tide level defined as "exceptional" which does not happen so frequently.

If you check-out during high tide days, just be informed that we will borrow you a pair of boots to reach the closest dock for a smooth departure.

Illustration of the Municipality of Venice

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