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Deco Design Hotel em Veneza
"Para nós, a arte é
inseparável da vid"
Filippo Tommaso Marinetti
“Welcome” e poupe

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Ca’ Pisani

O primeiro design hotel
em Veneza

Um magnífico edifício do final do século XIV é o cofre que contém joias encantadoras: o Boutique Hotel Ca’ Pisani é uma joia Art Déco, onde os hóspedes sonham numa galeria de arte entre decorações originais e têmperas de Fortunato Depero.


Os Quartos

Os detalhes,
uma experiência

Entrar nos quartos, viver a sua essência: cada quarto oferece particulares únicos, uma combinação de móveis inspirados na primeira metade do século XX e elementos de design moderno.

“Onde respira-se ar
de bom gosto e relaxamento”

Marco Scali, TripAdvisor

As ofertas

Exclusivas para si

Ofertas, descontos imperdíveis e vantagens reservados para os hóspedes que reservam neste sítio.


O estilo

Uma homenagem refinada
à arte

Um espaço onde são misturados com maestria as decorações Art Déco, as obras de Fortunato Depero, e objetos de uso comum colecionados pacientemente. Tudo está em equilíbrio.


O restaurante

La Rivista,
Concept Restaurant

O restaurante "La Rivista" nasceu da obra de Depero exposta na sala. O movimento futurista é uma fonte de inspiração para o design e os detalhes do local onde saborear os pratos tradicionais venezianos.

“Produtos de primeira qualidade
preparados com arte e sabedoria”

Marianna Verona, TripAdvisor
Boutique-hotel-ca-pisani-home-ristorante-1 Boutique-hotel-ca-pisani-home-ristorante-2 Boutique-hotel-ca-pisani-home-ristorante-3
ca' pisani deco design hotel in venice
ca' pisani deco design hotel in venice
ca' pisani deco design hotel in venice
ca' pisani deco design hotel in venice
ca' pisani deco design hotel in venice
ca' pisani deco design hotel in venice
ca' pisani deco design hotel in venice
ca' pisani deco design hotel in venice
ca' pisani deco design hotel in venice
ca' pisani deco design hotel in venice
ca' pisani deco design hotel in venice
ca' pisani deco design hotel in venice
ca' pisani deco design hotel in venice
ca' pisani deco design hotel in venice
ca' pisani deco design hotel in venice
ca' pisani deco design hotel in venice
ca' pisani deco design hotel in venice
ca' pisani deco design hotel in venice
ca' pisani deco design hotel in venice
ca' pisani deco design hotel in venice

A localização

o bairro artístico

Os amantes da arte encontram a sua própria dimensão: o Boutique Hotel Ca’ Pisani fica em Dorsoduro, o bairro que abriga a Coleção Peggy Guggenheim, a Coleção Pinault em Punta della Dogana, a Gallerie dell'Accademia, a V.A.C. Foundation.


O Blogue

o mundo de Ca’ Pisani

Um local dinâmico onde a paixão, a arte e a história encontram-se.

Cosa mangiare a Venezia - What to eat in Venice - polenta e schie - Ca' Pisani Hotel Venice
The Venice Kitchen: polenta and schie
Venice is a city rich in history, art and tradition. You can get lost in its calli and campielli in search of architectural details, historical references or even its magnificent views. You can visit the most renowned museums or discover the most sought-after art galleries. We also recommend you to take the time to discover its culinary traditions: a journey rich in unique flavours where you will taste the cuisine so loved by the Venetians. The influences that have permeated the Venetian capital over the centuries have helped to create a mix of unique flavours throughout the world, which satisfy even the most demanding palates. Of course, fish is king. In bacari (the typical Venetian taverns) as well as in the most renowned restaurants you will find many dishes with cod, cuttlefish, sea bass, sea bream and all other native species. In our magazine’s first date with Venetian cuisine, we have decided to share the secret of a simple, but also, tasty recipe which can be made for a Christmas celebration or on any occasion and will be much appreciated by your guests.   Schie: the typical shrimp of the lagoon   Schia is a term that in the Venetian dialect denotes a small person and for this reason is used as the name of the typical lagoon shrimp, which measures on average from 3 to 5cms (sometimes up to 9 cm.) It has a greyish colour and is found in the lagoon between Venice and Trieste especially during the winter months. According to our culinary tradition, schie are served in various ways, but one of the most famous is certainly polenta with schie.   Polenta and schie: the recipe   We asked the help of our Chef for this quick and easy recipe that you can try to reproduce at home: enjoy!   Ingredients for 4 people   500 g of schie 400 g of soft polenta Extra virgin olive oil 100 ml Garlic (1 clove) Brandy 10 ml Salt and Pepper to taste. Parsley 2 liters of water 200 gr corn flour 30 gr butter   Method   For the soft polenta: Bring a litre of water to the boil, add the salt and the polenta. Cook over a low heat for a few minutes, stirring continuously. Meanwhile, boil the remaining litre of water and, when the polenta has absorbed all the cooking water, add a ladle of boiling water and continue stirring, as you would for risotto, for about 30 minutes. Finally, stir in a knob of butter and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. For the schie: While the polenta is cooking, wash and blanch the schie in water and lemon for 2 minutes, once cool, peel them one by one: given their small size it will take a lot of patience, but it will be worth it. In a non-stick pan, heat the extra virgin olive oil with the crushed garlic and chopped parsley, then add the schie and simmer for one minute with a drop of brandy. Once cooked, add salt and pepper and serve by placing the schie on the soft polenta. Buon Appetito!
Ca' Pisani Hotel Venice - 20th anniversary, November 30th 2020
20 years of Ca' Pisani
We are pleased to share, with you, Ca’ Pisani’s important milestone: on November 30th we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of its opening, in a year that has been, is, and unfortunately will be, a quite difficult year for everyone. That is why we take advantage of this opportunity to bring a wave of optimism and positivity: happy 20th birthday Ca' Pisani!   The opening of Ca' Pisani   Our hotel was born from an idea of Ugo Serandrei, father of the current owners. Already at the helm of the Hotel Saturnia & International in Venice located in San Marco, managed by the Serandrei family since 1908, Ugo was also a lover of art and in particular of Futurism. The search for an original place for the exhibition of some of Depero's works led him to plan a new concept of hotel that differed from the Venetian hotel scene of the time. With the support and collaboration of architects, designers and collectors, the first design hotel in Venice was born.   The boutique hotel according to Ugo Serandrei   Ugo Serandrei had conceived the Ca' Pisani as a boutique hotel: where if a guest had appreciated a collectable piece seen in his/her room or in the common areas, it was possible to buy it. And this actually happened. Marianna still remembers a Russian client so in love with the briarwood bed in which she had slept, that she decided to get it and had it shipped to Russia. Later this concept weakened, partly due to the unique value of the pieces that furnish the Ca' Pisani and partly because of the emotional bond that Ugo's children now feel towards this little Art Deco jewel. To the point that last year they purchased a collection of 20th century objects from an antiquarian in Bologna: after being exhibited at the Ca' Pisani, the objects have become an integral part of the furniture of the rooms of the hotel.   20 years together   On November 30th 2000, the doors of Ca 'Pisani Hotel in Venice opened to the public for the first time. The aim was to offer guests a unique experience, both for the concept (ours has been the first design hotel in Venice) and for our customer service: we do our best to make every guest feel at home, and pamper him/her paying attention to even the smallest details because they really make a difference. Today these principles still guide our work. We had hoped to celebrate our twentieth anniversary in a different way, but the events of this 2020 have changed everyone's life. However, we believe in optimism: #staysafe and happy birthday Ca' Pisani!
Ca' Pisani Hotel Venice - temporary closure - october 2020
See you in February 2021
We invested a lot in the past months to offer our guests an unforgettable experience with maximum safety and all the staff did their best to respect the new procedures, always with a smile (even if hidden by the mask) and for this I am very grateful to all of them. But the battle against this silent virus is not over yet, and that is why we are forced once again to close the doors of our hotel. Of course it's just a goodbye. See you soon! marianna
Futurismo at Ca' Pisani Hotel Venice - Fortunato Depero's original artworks
Futurism: from the Ca' Pisani Hotel to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection
Speed, becoming and movement in space are the main cornerstones of Futurism, a current born in Italy at the beginning of the twentieth century that has involved all the arts, from painting to sculpture, from literature to music, and then spread also in the lifestyle of its enthusiasts. In cooking, for example, the Futurists rejected the recipes and terms traditionally used in this field, and created polybibites (which are nowadays called cocktails) such as Inventina, and formulas (substitute term for recipe) with really bizarre names (divorced eggs, drunk calf, likeacloud, etc.). You can taste some of them in our La Rivista Restaurant and you will find others in the 2020 calendar of the Serandrei family, a tradition that has been handed on since 1981.   Depero at Ca' Pisani   Futurism was one of the reasons behind the foundation of the Ca' Pisani Hotel: Ugo Serandrei, 4th generation hotelier and father of the current owners, had bought authentic Depero’s artworks and, looking for an original and not obvious place for their exhibition, conceived a particular hotel different from the Venetian hotel scene of that time. Thus the first design hotel in Venice, with the help of architects, designers and collectors, was born. You can admire the original works of art by Fortunato Depero upon check-in, during breakfast and on your way to the room. In the reception hall you can admire "Listen - Stop - Look" (1930), tempera and Indian ink on paper. When having breakfast, the eye will be enraptured by the bright colors of "La Rivista" (1925), the work the restaurant takes its name from. The color continues to amaze even in the second piece on display in this room, the collage of cards “Portatore – Tazza” (1929/1931). Finally, the artwork "Dalla serie Balli Plastici" (1925) hangs on the main staircase leading to the first floor.   Futurism on display at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection   Futurism was a movement of total change that broke with the past and so important that even the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, one of the most prestigious European and American art museums of the twentieth century in Italy, dedicates a special section to it. From our hotel you can quickly reach this extraordinary gallery (just 4 minutes on foot) to continue your stay dictated by art. You will come across Giacomo Balla's oil on panel (1871 - 1958) "Velocità astratta + rumore" (1913-14). Here the artist studies the impact of the speed of a car in the natural environment, also representing its noise, as onomatopoeia plays a great role (which is the reason why you can find these sounds on our website). To highlight how the pictorial reality expands into outer space, the brushstrokes come out of the canvas and involve the frame. “Mare = Ballerina” by Gino Severini (1883 - 1966), which is from the same year, is inspired by the sea of Anzio and represents the fusion between a ballerina's dress and the waves of the sea with brushstrokes of colors deriving from Neo-Impressionism. Also in this case the force of the sea is so disruptive as to involve the frame. You will have the chance to admire the sculpture “Dinamismo di un cavallo in corsa + case” (1915) by Umberto Boccioni (1882-1916). The artist uses different materials and blends the piece of art with the surrounding environment: horse and house are visually imperceptible and create a new entity. Other futurist masterpieces are present in the archives and have been shown in various temporary exhibitions in the past. We hope they can also be the subject of future events because the richness of the Guggenheim Collection and the originality of Futurism create a really valuable combination for every art lover.
Dorsoduro Venice - Ca' Pisani Deco Design Hotel
Dorsoduro Venice: art, crafts, food and wine
Venice is a city rich in art and history but there is a district (which venetians call "Sestiere") that contains the artistic and university heart of the city: Dorsoduro. Unlike the neighboring Sestiere di San Marco, the calli and campielli of Dorsoduro are less crowded and hide unforgettable views of an authentic Venice. You will find some of the most important art museums in the city and you can plan your itinerary in the name of local crafts and food and wine.   What to visit in Dorsoduro   Basilica della Salute It is one of the most important Baroque churches in Venice. It is located in the Punta della Dogana area and is the backdrop for many photographs taken from the Accademia Bridge. Designed by Baldassarre Longhena, of Palladian inspiration, this basilica is the arrival point of a pilgrimage that takes place every year on November 21st on the occasion of the Feast of the Madonna della Salute, an ancient Venetian tradition, which commemorates the thanksgiving of the entire city to the Madonna for the end of a terrible pestilence between 1630-31.   Zattere The Fondamenta delle Zattere overlooks the Giudecca Canal and connects the Maritime Station to Punta della Dogana, a path of almost one kilometer. It is the ideal place to stroll and enjoy the view. A mandatory stop especially for the sweet lovers is “da Nico” ice cream parlor which with its now famous gianduiotto will brighten your day even more.   Campo Santa Margherita The hub of the neighborhood's social life, Campo Santa Margherita comes alive during aperitif hours, thanks , above all, to the proximity of some of the IUAV and Ca 'Foscari university location. Going along it towards the Accademia it is possible to cross the famous Ponte dei Pugni and admire the characteristic fruit and vegetable shop-boat.   Museums and galleries Dorsoduro is home to some museums that art lovers should visit. Here are the main ones: Gallerie dell’Accademia with works by Venetian and Italian artists including Giorgione, Carpaccio, Veronese and many others; The Peggy Guggenheim Collection where you can admire the masterpieces of contemporary art (Duchamp, Kandinsky, Picasso just to name a few); Punta della Dogana with the Pinault Collection, home to various temporary exhibitions; Ca' Rezzonico, the eighteenth-century Venetian museum housed in a splendid Baroque palace; Palazzo Cini with its works of ancient art (including Filippo Lippi, Beato Angelico, Botticelli, Piero di Cosimo, Pontormo); Casa dei Tre Oci, famous for its photographic exhibitions; V-A-C Foundation, recently opened gallery and home to various temporary exhibitions.   Squero di San Trovaso The squero di San Trovaso, housed in a wooden structure with the typical shape of a mountain house, is one of the oldest traditional shipyards in the city still active. Operating since the 17th century, gondolas, pupparini, sandoli, sciopòni and other boats typical of the Venetian lagoon tradition are still built here today.   Craft shops Ca' Macana with its masks, Perlamadredesign and its creations with pearls, Canestrelli mirrors and Nono Colussi biscuits are just some of the shops that carry on local craftsmanship between tradition and innovation. Lose yourself in the streets of Dorsoduro and discover the shops of the past, exchange a few words with the owners and you will discover the most authentic Venice.   Cicheti and more: where to eat Visiting Venice also means savoring its traditional dishes such as cod, saor or cuttlefish. Of course there are also typical recipes based on meat and vegetarian reinterpretations to satisfy everyone's tastes. Here we mention only a few taverns that may be of interest in the Dorsoduro district in addition of course to our Restaurant La Rivista: Osteria allo Squero, da Codroma, Osteria Ai Pugni, Cantine del Vino already Schiavi, alla Bifora.
Glass Ca' Pisani Hotel
New website: the look that reflects our hospitality
The new Ca’ Pisani website is online from the 21 July. We felt the need to renew our digital image to make our guests live the Ca’ Pisani experience from the first contact with us: the web. It is an original, dynamic site, full of unexpected details, capable of engaging and amaze the user step by step, a metaphor for what guests experience as soon as they cross the threshold of the Hotel: a unique environment in typical Art Deco style, with careful attention to every detail. This year we also celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the opening of the Ca ’Pisani Hotel and we thought it was the right occasion to propose a look that best represents our hospitality philosophy. The stylistic choices Graphics and colors reflect the unmistakable style that makes Ca ’Pisani a unique hotel in the panorama of Venetian hospitality. Textures, patterns, fonts and animations evoke curtains, fabrics, furnishings and artworks that you can find in the hotel and thus offer a 360 ° virtual experience of what the guest can then live first hand. "This new website communicates also the passion for art that my father handed down to us children and that the previous website did not adequately enhance" says Marianna Serandrei, the general manager - "Not surprisingly, scrolling through the pages , you can find some references to the Futurist movement and in particular to the works of Fortunato Depero that stimulated our father in founding the first Venetian design hotel back in 2000 ". New online look, new challenges! Our online restyling also coincides with our reopening after the lockdown due to Covid. It was a co-incidence, because we were already working on this project before the emergency spread, but we experienced it as an extra stimulus to reopen in style and to communicate an image that reflects our values ​​and our hospitality. This is one of the reasons why we have redesigned our offer (the most loyal customers have already noticed it) in order to make our guests live experiences as tailor-made as possible, which are built on the different needs each one can have. So go surfing among our pages! We hope to convince you to book a stay directly from our website, because only here you will find the best rates, the most convenient cancellation policies, exclusive offers and promotions. But if it is not so, please contact us: we will make you an unmissable counter-proposal!
From July 30th we are ready to welcome you again in complete safety!
Visiting the city is now a totally new experience: you can walk peacefully; museums, galleries and monuments, accessible mostly upon reservation and in small groups, allow you to admire their artworks with an attention previously not possible, merchants have more time to devote to customers. Don't miss this opportunity! From our side, we took the time to test the new regulations thanks to the opening on May 29 (among the first hotels in Venice) of the Hotel Saturnia & International (the other structure managed by the Serandrei family in Saint Mark). These months of "experimentation" have allowed us to acquire an awareness and a modus operandi that will allow us to welcome you in complete safety and as we always did, with dedication and passion for hospitality. What will happen when you arrive at the Hotel HYGIENE All rooms and common areas are cleaned and sanitized frequently. Stations with hand sanitizers have been located at the passage points to ensure proper sanitation. Where possible, separate entry and exit routes have been created. INFORMATION You can consult all prevention measures taken thanks to information signs hung in various areas of the hotel. CHECK-IN AND CHECK-OUT Check-in and check-out operations will be automated as much as possible, favoring electronic payments. ROOM Before your arrival, a sanitization will be carried out with specific products and completed through the use of a special atomizer. Your room will be sanitized several times during your stay. If, on the other hand, you do prefer to minimize staff entry, please make an explicit request at check-in. MASK You will need to wear your mask at check-in, check-out and to move inside the hotel. Once in the room you can take it off. BREAKFAST To comply with the new safety regulations, we will serve a CONTINENTAL breakfast at La Rivista Restaurant. CENTRALIZED AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM Our air conditioning system is checked promptly by qualified personnel who certify the quality of the air. VISIT THE CITY Museums, art galleries and monuments are open and can be visited, some only by reservation. It is mandatory to always have the mask with you and wear it indoors and outdoors.


Ca' Pisani Deco Design Hotel - Door decoration collage - Instagram Ca' Pisani Deco Design Hotel - Murano - Instagram Ca' Pisani Deco Design Hotel - breakfast - cappuccino -Instagram Boutique-hotel-ca-pisani-camera-romantic-experience Boutique-hotel-ca-pisani-home-instagram-3
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