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Деко дизайн-отель в Венеции
"Мы считаем, что искусство
неотделимо от жизни"
Filippo Tommaso Marinetti
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Отель Ca’ Pisani

Первый дизайн-отель
в Венеции

Великолепное здание конца четырнадцатого века представляет собой сокровищницу, хранящую очаровательные ценности: бутик-отель Ca’ Pisani — это жемчужина стиля арт-деко, гости которой засыпают в галерее искусств среди аутентичной мебели и живописи Фортунато Деперо.



Внимание к деталям —
целый мир

Войти в номер и погрузиться в сущность: каждый номер предлагает вам уникальные детали в сочетании с мебелью в стиле первой половины двадцатого века и элементами современного дизайна.

“Там, где дышится хорошим
вкусом и спокойствием”

Marco Scali, TripAdvisor


Эксклюзивные, только для вас

Предложения, уникальные скидки и привилегии для клиентов, которые бронируют на нашем сайте.



Изысканный знак
уважения искусству

Место, где искусно переплелись элементы интерьера в стиле арт-деко, работы Фортунато Деперо и коллекционные предметы обстановки. Все в превосходном балансе.



La Rivista —
концептуальный ресторан

От выставленного в зале произведения Деперо берет свое начало ресторан La Rivista. Футуризм является источником вдохновения дизайна и деталей для места, в котором можно насладиться вкусом традиционных венецианских блюд.

“Высококачественные продукты,
приготовленные искусно и со знанием дела”

Marianna Verona, TripAdvisor
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ca' pisani deco design hotel in venice
ca' pisani deco design hotel in venice
ca' pisani deco design hotel in venice
ca' pisani deco design hotel in venice
ca' pisani deco design hotel in venice
ca' pisani deco design hotel in venice
ca' pisani deco design hotel in venice
ca' pisani deco design hotel in venice
ca' pisani deco design hotel in venice
ca' pisani deco design hotel in venice
ca' pisani deco design hotel in venice
ca' pisani deco design hotel in venice
ca' pisani deco design hotel in venice
ca' pisani deco design hotel in venice
ca' pisani deco design hotel in venice
ca' pisani deco design hotel in venice
ca' pisani deco design hotel in venice
ca' pisani deco design hotel in venice
ca' pisani deco design hotel in venice
ca' pisani deco design hotel in venice


Дорсодуро —
квартал искусств

Любители искусства найдут здесь свое измерение: бутик-отель Ca’ Pisani расположен в Дорсодуро, где находится Коллекция Пегги Гуггенхайм, Коллекция Франсуа Пино в архитектурном комплексе бывшей венецианской таможни «Пунта-делла Догана», Галерея Академии и Фонд V-A-C (Фонд «Виктория — искусство быть современным»).



Иллюстрированный журнал —
мир Ca’ Pisani

Динамичное место, в котором пересекаются любовь к прекрасному, искусство и история.

Glass Ca' Pisani Hotel
New website: the look that reflects our hospitality
The new Ca’ Pisani website is online from the 21 July. We felt the need to renew our digital image to make our guests live the Ca’ Pisani experience from the first contact with us: the web. It is an original, dynamic site, full of unexpected details, capable of engaging and amaze the user step by step, a metaphor for what guests experience as soon as they cross the threshold of the Hotel: a unique environment in typical Art Deco style, with careful attention to every detail. This year we also celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the opening of the Ca ’Pisani Hotel and we thought it was the right occasion to propose a look that best represents our hospitality philosophy. The stylistic choices Graphics and colors reflect the unmistakable style that makes Ca ’Pisani a unique hotel in the panorama of Venetian hospitality. Textures, patterns, fonts and animations evoke curtains, fabrics, furnishings and artworks that you can find in the hotel and thus offer a 360 ° virtual experience of what the guest can then live first hand. "This new website communicates also the passion for art that my father handed down to us children and that the previous website did not adequately enhance" says Marianna Serandrei, the general manager - "Not surprisingly, scrolling through the pages , you can find some references to the Futurist movement and in particular to the works of Fortunato Depero that stimulated our father in founding the first Venetian design hotel back in 2000 ". New online look, new challenges! Our online restyling also coincides with our reopening after the lockdown due to Covid. It was a co-incidence, because we were already working on this project before the emergency spread, but we experienced it as an extra stimulus to reopen in style and to communicate an image that reflects our values ​​and our hospitality. This is one of the reasons why we have redesigned our offer (the most loyal customers have already noticed it) in order to make our guests live experiences as tailor-made as possible, which are built on the different needs each one can have. So go surfing among our pages! We hope to convince you to book a stay directly from our website, because only here you will find the best rates, the most convenient cancellation policies, exclusive offers and promotions. But if it is not so, please contact us: we will make you an unmissable counter-proposal!
From July 30th we will be ready to welcome you again in complete safety!
Visiting the city is now a totally new experience: you can walk peacefully; museums, galleries and monuments, accessible mostly upon reservation and in small groups, allow you to admire their artworks with an attention previously not possible, merchants have more time to devote to customers. Don't miss this opportunity! From our side, we took the time to test the new regulations thanks to the opening on May 29 (among the first hotels in Venice) of the Hotel Saturnia & International (the other structure managed by the Serandrei family in Saint Mark). These months of "experimentation" have allowed us to acquire an awareness and a modus operandi that will allow us to welcome you in complete safety and as we always did, with dedication and passion for hospitality. What will happen when you arrive at the Hotel HYGIENE All rooms and common areas are cleaned and sanitized frequently. Stations with hand sanitizers have been located at the passage points to ensure proper sanitation. Where possible, separate entry and exit routes have been created. INFORMATION You can consult all prevention measures taken thanks to information signs hung in various areas of the hotel. CHECK-IN AND CHECK-OUT Check-in and check-out operations will be automated as much as possible, favoring electronic payments. ROOM Your room will be sanitized several times during your stay. If, on the other hand, you do prefer to minimize staff entry, please make an explicit request at check-in. An even more careful sanitization will be carried out upon departure. MASK You will need to wear your mask at check-in, check-out and to move inside the hotel. Once in the room you can take it off. BREAKFAST To comply with the new safety regulations, we will serve a CONTINENTAL breakfast at La Rivista Restaurant. CENTRALIZED AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM Our air conditioning system is checked promptly by qualified personnel who certify the quality of the air. VISIT THE CITY Museums, art galleries and monuments are open and can be visited, some only by reservation. It is not mandatory to wear the mask outdoors but it is necessary in closed places or to have it in case of assembly.


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